Christa Ciesel Post 2

Program: Edge of the Wood Theatre
Impact statement: Worked with students in the upcoming musical in refining the music.
Reflection: On May 30th, I was able to revisit my position in the theatre and help the students review the music in the musical Spamalot. This time, I was more focused on making sure the students understood all of the more minuscule changes that could be made in the performance that would elevate it to another level. With performances coming around within the next couple weeks, it was important to make sure the students weren’t stressed and instead focused on enjoying the musical components of the show. I felt very proud of the entire ensemble, as they worked hard to make sure that any spots that were deemed difficult were quickly addressed and fixed. I enjoy when a score of a musical contains many different genres to tackle, and I found myself and the other students laughing and having a good time whenever our hard work translated into a funny moment in the song perfectly timed. I feel like this type of musical experience is very important to share with students of all ages. Making sure a group is staying true to the composer’s intentions is very important, as you are taking someone else’s ideas and displaying them for different audiences every night. I feel like having fun along with hard work are the key aspects musicians should aspire to obtain.

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