Iman Adetunji Post 1

Impact statement: My first project was teaching my younger sisters how to identify notes on the keyboard and then apply that knowledge to playing notes from choral repertoire.
Reflection: In choir there are many components that are important to develop a fully developed and beautiful sound. One of them is, obviously, being able to identify the notes you are singing accurately. During the process of learning new repertoire piano is very helpful because it can give you the exact note you are meant to be singing, and if you can play it, the entire line. My goal for this project was to teach people how to identify notes on the keyboard, read sheet music, and apply the knowledge to playing notes. This project was important to me because I know many people not already involved in the music world believe singing is easy. This was my way of teaching people that music is about accuracy and being able to apply different aspects of rhythm and identification. Music is one of the things in the world that can bring everyone together and I think a better understanding of music only increases that connection.

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