Iman Adetunji Post 2

Program: Students at NCP- Amulya Aluru and Savannah Graziano
Impact statement: The second part of my project was teaching people who already participate in other aspects of music (orchestra or band) how to read choral sheet music and play the note on the piano.
Reflection: The second part of my service project was especially interesting to me because I was targeting a different set of people. In this case I was teaching orchestra students how to read choral music and play it on the piano. I learned something too in this part because I was able to see how different musicians learn music and how notes get applied for them. This was a good way of teaching them how different choral music is to orchestra music, but it was also a good way of identifying the similarities. The disparity between teaching musicians and teaching those with no music experience was especially palpable here as well. I realized that no matter what form the music takes, it can still bring people together. And now the people I taught will have a new appreciation for another aspect of music they never really thought about or they were never really exposed to.

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