Justin Bologna Post 2

Program: n/a
Impact statement: I worked with my brother to help him expand his musical experience.
Reflection: I have been working with my younger brother for a while to help him learn guitar. The two of us have had a very similar musical experience, so I figured that I could be especially helpful to him. We both played piano for several years and then took up guitar shortly before high school. I started teaching him things that I wish I had been taught when I was his age. I got a sense of the kind of music he listens to and suggested songs to learn based on that. Something that I found constantly frustrating as a young kid playing piano was playing pieces that I did not enjoy or care about. I have found that the best way to learn music is to play songs that excite you and that you are already passionate about. I have also been connecting guitar to the music theory knowledge he already had from piano. I explained exactly what a c chord on guitar means and how it is similar in most ways but different in a few to the c triad he learned on piano. I will continue these lessons, and I hope to keep him interested and excited about learning guitar.

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