Katherine Do, Kristen Rigsby Post 2

Program: Northside students
Impact statement: Beginning Viola Lessons/Northside Students

Reflection: For our second Tri-M service learning project, we continued with our individual music lessons for two students not currently enrolled in a music class. Our goal was simple: to share our love of music and to foster an appreciation for viola. Both students had some prior experience playing a string instrument, and we were therefore able to progress through the basics very quickly. After only a few lessons, the students were able to perform the bow hold, proper bowing technique, and the D major scale! The were also working on writing the D major scale on a staff and identifying notes in the alto clef. In our following lessons, we wanted to build upon these milestones to fortify the existing skills and add new ones. The students were very eager to continue practicing their bowing, note reading, and scales, and we were very eager to continue teaching.

In our lessons for Tri-M service part 2, we brought Orchestra Expressions for Viola, a book of short and catchy songs that help build finger strength, bowing technique, and reading confidence. From this book, we introduced exercises for playing basic notes and sequences to further familiarize them with the alto clef. When they were more comfortable, they attempted to play Mary Had a Little Lamb/Mary Lee. They then moved to high-number exercises, like Good King Wenceslas and Ode to Joy.

At the culmination of the music lessons, the students wanted to show off what they had worked on over the course of the semester. They invited a small group of friends during lunch and performed their favorite pieces out of Orchestra Expressions. It was incredibly gratifying to see the students so proud of their newfound skills and moved to share their music-making with other students. Overall, the joy that comes from making music spreads far beyond the source. From the musician to the audience, the influence of music continues to expand as people share what they have heard and what they have experienced.


Jayson Coy Post 2

Program: N/A
Impact statement: I am performing for Tri-M Induction
Reflection: For my second service project, I am performing Empty Chairs at Empty Tables at the Tri-M induction. This song means a lot to me because, although I cannot relate to Marius at this particular moment, it allows me to channel a different energy than I normally do. This song also means a lot to me because it is what I performed for IHSA. When performing this song I felt that I displayed the perfect amount of emotion and properly performed the song. However, my score did not reflect that. It took a lot of learning and reflecting to realize that my score is subjective and does not accurately portray how well I did, or did not, do. Therefore, I want to use this opportunity to redeem myself and do this song justice.

Sarah Fitzmaurice Post 2

Program: New Life Community Church
Impact statement: I continued working with the group I had worked with last time and helped kids prepare and preform in a concert.
Reflection: This was a lot of fun to do because it was a continuation of my last project when I worked with Kindergarten through 2nd grade kids to learn songs and sing in a choir sort of setting. I really enjoyed seeing how excited the kids were to sing the songs they had learned again as they were proud of their work. Music is so incredible especially for little kids as it shows them that they can go out and do something really special through practice. The kids knew the words by heart because they wanted to sing the songs I had taught them, they loved music. Many of the kids didn’t have this opportunity in school so giving them a musical outlet showed them the value and joy that music brings. Seeing the kids preform was very special for me because they were putting everything into their performances so they could show their family and friends their love of singing.

Gangavarapu, Sahithi; Wang, Yanpeng Post 2

Program: We worked with Northside junior, Asna Tauseef.
Impact statement: The student that we taught is a member of band and has had very brief experience with the violin, thus, our purpose was to solidify her technique and teach her an entire song on the violin.
Reflection: Although we conducted a similar service project in the past, where we taught fellow Northside students the basics for the violin, our experience working with a person who already had music experience turned out to be quite different. It was also greatly beneficial that this time we had two teachers and only one student. We were able to have one person give corrections while the other person demonstrated the movements which we found to be the most effective teaching method. At the beginning, we taught the basics such as how to hold the bow and the violin, the different strings on the violin, the scales, etc. We also taught her vocabulary words such as the fingerboard, the bridge, the fine tuners, etc so that when we referred to a specific part of the violin, she would be able to understand exactly what we were talking about. This made communicating and teaching her much easier because we didn’t have to always show her what to do. She was able to easily comprehend and act out our instructions since

Sarah Fitzmaurice Post 1

Program: New Life Community Church
Impact statement: I worked with the kids at my church and taught them how to sing as a group and prepared them for a preformance for their families.
Reflection: I really enjoyed working on this project because it worked with kids and that has always been something I really enjoyed doing. Kids are always so eager to learn and especially in the context of music they were overjoyed that they were learning to sing. Each of the kids really liked that they were learning to sing with their neighbors and were excited to be able to learn how to sing in a choir like setting. This made a big impact as these kids never had a previous experience where they were involved in a singing group and they loved to be singing together. I loved getting a chance to teach them because it was a bit different than working with kids in a classroom setting and offered me an opportunity to do something similar to a music class setting where I taught them beats and rhythms to go with the songs.

Sharon Kim Post 2

Program: NCP College Fair
Impact statement: I volunteered my musical abilities at the NCP College Fair with Maeve and Sophia, playing as an ensemble for the college representatives.
Reflection: I initially did not think much of my volunteering during the college fair. Playing a few pieces for the college representatives did not seem to account to much compared to the fact that their jobs are such that could change the lives of students like me. However, the appreciation I received in turn for the service I gave was so gratifying. I feel that every time I participate in community service, there is a sense of receiving so much more than giving. Musical community service in particular proves the exact reason why I love music: the good vibes that music can spread are universal and retain no barriers. Sharing my musical talent has no cost, yet the receiver gains pleasure – in turn sharing this happiness with the provider as well. Through this event, I again experienced the import of community service regardless of the activity and the positivity that it spreads.

Anabel Sanchez Post 1

Program: Iliana S.
Impact statement: I taught/am teaching my sister Ili how to play the cello
Reflection: For my service project I’m teaching my sister Ili how to play the cello. I started teaching her about two months ago, but unfortunately our lessons are kind of scattered since I can only teach her when she visits. She is picking it up pretty fast, but she wants to learn more songs than focus on technique. It was a bit odd for me at first since, other than some games every now and then, I think this is the first time I’ve taught HER something. She is twelve years older than me and has always been my go-to for any issues, questions about anything, or just having a nice conversation, so it was cool to flip the script a little and instruct her for a change, even if it was just for the duration of that day’s lesson. I’m excited to show her more so that we can play a duet together someday, I already have some songs in mind that require more than one part. I think she’s enjoying the lessons too since the first thing she said to me the last time she came was “I’m ready for my lesson!” However, she thinks the way the cello and bow are held hurts, which messes with the way she plays. I’m not too surprised though, the slightest touch can giver a bruise, I just hope she eventually gets used to it so it doesn’t hurt as much.

Brian Blanco, Alex Cinaj Post 2

Program: N/A
Impact statement: Induction Ceremony for Tri-M
Reflection: We will be performing a cello duet version of:
With or Without You – U2
This song is very good song with a very good meaning. That meaning being, how strong love is and what it brings people to do and feel. We will play an arrangement of the song made by Alexander Cinaj in which there is an exchange of the melody line which is what is unique of this arrangement.

Alondra Sierra Post 1

Program: I did not work with any organization, program or organization.
Impact statement: My project was teaching my little brother how to play the violin.
Reflection: During the last couple of weeks, I have devoted my time to teach my little brother how to play the violin. When I first received the violin, my little brother wanted to use it but I never let him because of his age. Now that he is older, I was able to share my knowledge of the violin and teach him how to play simple notes and songs on the violin. I began by teaching him how to hold the violin, how to read music, and what notes correspond to each string. At first, he wasn’t able to hold the violin but now he can play simple songs like twinkle twinkle little star. The best part of teaching my brother was that he was able to find a new activity that does not involve a screen or technology, but an activity where he learns something new and enjoys it. Teaching my little brother how to play a new instrument has made me realize all the little kids who want to play an instrument but they do not have the resources to do so. That’s why it is important to be able to share music and how it impacts your life, in order for schools to have more funds and resources to buy a new instrument and teach children how to play an instrument that they always wanted.

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